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Academic Vision

Your high school years are an important time for you to continue your development. According to the Peoria Notre Dame High School Mission, our school’s purpose is to:

Nurture the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, & physical development of our students by teaching the Catholic faith and leading students to be Disciples of Jesus Christ and by teaching the arts and sciences in a climate of academic inquiry.

The PND staff believe that its curricular offerings provide students the opportunity to prepare themselves to meet the many and varied challenges and opportunities they will encounter in this global, dynamic 21st Century through our Catholic, value-based curriculum.

School Model

Peoria Notre Dame’s school model is unlike any other in central Illinois.  Our trimester system, extended class periods, and rotating schedule create a unique learning environment for our students. 

Trimester System

Peoria Notre Dame utilizes a trimester system with three 12-week grading periods, known as trimesters. During each trimester, students only take five classes, which allows for greater focus on each course. Additionally, the trimester systems allows students to take more elective courses during their time at Peoria Notre Dame. Students have the opportunity to earn an additional two credits over the course of four years.

Extended Class Periods

Class periods at Peoria Notre Dame High School are 65 minutes. This extended time provides opportunities for in-depth discussions, long-term projects, and hand-on activities.

Rotating Schedule

Students at Peoria Notre Dame follow a five-day rotating schedule, meaning that students have each class at a different time each day. While the concept of a rotating schedule may sound complicated, the school has display boards posted throughout the building reminding students of the day’s rotation. The rotating schedule builds variety into each school day and accommodates student-athletes who may leave school early for competitions.

Composite Score

ACT Average

Class of 2023


Top 10%


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Experienced Faculty

Committed, Innovative, Faithful

Our Faculty consists of an incredibly dedicated group of educators, who put the holistic education of our students first. Over 67% of our faculty hold advanced degrees in their respective fields, 30% are alumni, and they have an average of 17 years of teaching experience among them. They are constantly giving of themselves to innovatively serve their students and prepare them for a future founded on a Catholic worldview and educational excellence.

1:1 Computer Program

Leaders in Innovative Learning

Peoria Notre Dame’s 1:1 program empowers students to be prepared for college, career, and life. Our teachers promote 21st century learning skills, including problem-solving, creativity, analysis, communication, and collaboration through student-centered, problem-based instruction. Our students develop a deep-rooted commitment to lifelong learning and are equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Honors Programs

Forming our Brightest Minds

Peoria Notre Dame offers multiple programs for honors students including: AP Capstone Diploma program, nationally recognized STEM programs in biomedical science, engineering, and computer science, over 20 AP Courses, and over 40 total honors classes.

AP and Dual Credit

Earning College Credit While Still in High School

By offering a large variety of AP (Advanced Placement) and Dual Credit Courses, Peoria Notre Dame offers its students the possibility of earning college credits while still in high school. Over 70% of our students receive a 3 or higher on their AP tests – higher than both state and national averages.

Student Services

Serving Students of All Abilities and Needs

Our Student Services department seeks to ensure that all of our students have the tools to succeed, regardless of their abilities or learning challenges. We serve students who have a 504 or an ISP, as well as provide tutoring, assistance, and interventions for all students who may need these services.

Curriculum Guide

View the complete Peoria Notre Dame curriculum guide for the 2023-2024 school year.


View the Peoria Notre Dame student & parent handbook.

Peoria Notre Dame High School

Graduation Requirements





Introduction to Literature, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature





All students must complete Biology I

Social Studies


World Studies, United States History, United States Government, and Principles of Economics

Fine Arts or World Language


Includes all courses in Art, Music, and Foreign Language Departments as well as Band or Choir





Physical Education


Driver’s Education


Additional Electives


NCEA ACRE Assessment


Christian Service


Total Credits Required: 25.75