Student Life

Experience Peoria Notre Dame

The four years you spend at Peoria Notre Dame will help you go further in your journey of becoming who God has made you to be.

With thousands of alumni across the country, Peoria Notre Dame students are proven to take what they’ve learned in these halls out into the world to make a difference.

“PND inspired and empowered me to move past my own academic boundaries and strive to be more accountable and transform for the common good, said Mitch Gilfillan ’02. “PND develops young students who are intellectually distinguished, morally courageous, and compassionate in the service of becoming impactful ‘agents of change’ for the world.”

The experience you will have at Peoria Notre Dame is one that will provide you with a genuine community of support.

“The community of Peoria Notre Dame truly seemed like it wanted me to succeed,” says Frankie Boley ’16. “I wanted to be involved in every way that I could in high school, and my teachers and advisors fully supported it. It was a place that gave me a good education to prepare me for college along with lifelong friends.”

“The community of Peoria Notre Dame truly seemed like it wanted me to succeed.”

Frankie BoleyPeoria Notre Dame Class of 2016

Go Further

A PND education takes students further in their discovery of knowledge and faith. Students at Peoria Notre Dame are encouraged in their pursuit of a deepening spiritual life, a rigorous academic journey, champion-ready athletics, and creative expression in the arts.

Clubs & Activities

Get involved by joining one of our 47+ clubs we have to offer.


The Fighting Irish Athletic Program’s mission is to develop and teach our student athletes about sportsmanship, leadership, commitment, and teamwork.


Our arts programs aim to give all students the opportunity to be involved in culturally enriching activities.

Campus Ministry

Our Campus Ministry program seeks to help our students deepen their prayer and sacramental lives, grow in their personal spirituality, and put their faith into action through various service and ministry opportunities.

Christian Service Program

The Christian Service Program (CSP) is designed to send students out into the community and to help those in need.

Advising & Counseling

We have the resources you need to excel in both your academic and personal life. Our counsellors and advisors help you set your goals and achieve them.

January PND Student of the Month is Maria Stedwill! Maria was nominated by her teachers because “she is dedicated to promoting justice and the dignity of all persons through her involvement in extracurricular activities like Teens for Life. She is a focused and hardworking member of the cross country team and a conscientious and diligent student. Maria is invariably kind. She loves Jesus wholeheartedly, and her love for Him spills over into a radiant smile for all she meets. She clearly wants to be a saint.”

Maria Stedwill Student of the Month