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Student Support Services


Our Student Services department seeks to ensure that all of our students have the tools to succeed, regardless of their abilities or learning challenges. We serve students who have a 504 or an ISP, as well as provide tutoring, assistance, and interventions for all students who may need these services.

Services Provided

Director of Guidance and Student Support Services Dr. Susie Cicciarelli
  • Implement ISPs and 504 Plans
  • Update ISPs and 504 Plans annually
  • Collaborate with PPS 150 team to provide services to students:
    • 3 yr. Reevaluations for students with ISPs and 504 Plans
    • Initial evaluations to identify students with a disability and need for accommodations through an ISP or 504 Plan
  • Collaborate with PND staff to support them in the classroom with students who have learning disabilities
  • Collaborate with PND Teacher Aide to ensure that students are being successful in their respective classes.
    • Currently, our Teacher Aide works with a small group of Freshman who are identified as needing additional support their first year at PND.
  • Collaborate with the Counseling Office:
    • To provide accommodations during standardized testing (PSAT, PreACT) when a student with an identified learning disability needs assistance
  • Collaborate with parents to ensure that their student’s ISP or 504 Plan accommodations are being provided.
  • Communicate with parents when there is a concern about a student’s progress.
  • Monitor all PND student’s progress
  • Provide tutorial support during all 3 Advisory Periods
  • Provide Tiered Interventions for students who have not been identified with a specific learning disability or medical condition.
  • Submit the necessary documentation for accommodations for students with ISPs or 504 Plans who are taking a standardized test(ACT, College Board Exams)
  • Provide a quiet environment for students who have the accommodation of extended time, small group and quiet area to take tests and quizzes.
  • Organize the Final Exam Testing area for students who have the accommodations of extended time, small group, and quiet area to take tests and quizzes
  • Attend ISP and 504 Plan meetings for incoming PND Freshman

Contact Director of Student Services Dr. Susie Cicciarelli at for more information.