Clubs & Activities

All-School Council

Mission: All School Council exists to promote service and fellowship among the student body.

Membership: Students in grades 11 and 12; appointed by house leaders

Meeting Time: Every Thursday at 7:15 am in E-36

Student Leader: President,  Lauren Couri 

Faculty Moderators: Mrs. Katie Hausauer and Ms. Shelby Harrison

Anchor Club

Mission: Anchor Club International serves to organize, encourage and support youth community service projects in Anchor Clubs around the world.

Membership: By invitation, open to juniors and seniors

Meeting Times: Every other Thursday morning at 7:20 in the auditorium

Student Leader: AnaBel Dawson

Moderator: Mrs. Betty Phillips

Art Club

MissionTo grow community through art.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Once per month on Mondays in W-16.

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Maggie Off

Baking Club

Mission: To widen the creative and culinary horizons of the students at PND.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Second Wednesday of each month at 7:40 AM in the Teachers’ Lounge

Student Leader: Bridget Elward

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Bill Smith

Ballroom Dancing Club

Mission: To educate ourselves in the different ways to ballroom dance

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Time: Every other week on the balcony

Student Leader: Edward Tomlins

Faculty Moderators: Mr. Tyler Lyons

Beau Grant Foundation Club 

Mission: The Beau Grant Foundation provides education and awareness to those affected by suicide.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Once per month before school in E-01

Student Leader: Haley Curtis

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Kara Girsch

Bishop’s Leadership Committee 

Mission: The Bishop’s Leadership Committee exists to develop a select group of juniors in virtue and Christlike servant leadership. The Campus Ministry Department meets with these juniors to discuss the virtues of leadership and to plan ways in which through their involvement or planned activities can lead their peers to develop a healthier and holier school community.

Membership: Juniors who are chosen based on teacher nomination for their natural example of leadership evidenced in faith, academics, service, and/or athletics.

Meeting Times: Once per month in Campus Ministry during A & B advisory

Faculty Moderators: Fr.Corey Krengiel, Chaplain, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Sr. Lucia Sol, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Mrs. Diane Meads, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister.


MissionThis course provides students with the opportunity to perform in a group and develop skills as a musician in concert, pep, and marching bands. Instruction is provided to enhance performance skills, technical proficiency, knowledge of terms and notation, tone, rhythm, counting, scales, and advanced playing techniques

Membership. Students are expected to participate in all concerts, parades, home football games, and home (men’s) basketball games. Other performances include visit days, pep rallies, and graduation. Students may participate in the Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) auditions as well as the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest. Further opportunities include honor bands at various colleges and universities. Permission of instructor is required if student has not previously been in band.

Meeting TimesDaily during advisory in the Band Room

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Amanda Connon

Biking Club

Mission: We will be biking throughout trails or biking to get lunch on the weekend. We will work with our member’s schedules. We want this to be a stress relief club. If people ever need a fun workout they should join this club!!

Membership: Anyone can join this club as long as they can provide a bike for themselves.

Meeting Times: Once per month on weekends

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Jill Plunkett

Student Leader: Grace Gustafson

Book Club

Mission: The Book Club encourages students to become familiar a wide range of literature and informational texts by reading for personal satisfaction.

Membership: All students are invited to join the PND Book Club.

Meeting TimesMeeting times are either before of after school, based on student availability.

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Maureen Vadis

Bowling Club

Mission: To provide students an opportunity to build community through the fun of bowling.

Membership: Interest in fun and meeting new people. Bowling ability not necessary.

Meeting Times: Typically twice a month on Saturdays, 1-3 p.m. at St. Ann’s Bowling Alley, 1010 S. Louisa St., Peoria

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Joe Mulcahey

Campus Ministry Small Groups

Mission: Small Groups provide a more intimate setting for students to grow in relationship with God and with each other through weekly meetings with their peers and an adult leader.

MembershipMembers must sign up for a particular small group via Google Form sent out by Campus Minister at beginning of each trimester.

Meeting TimesMeeting times are decided upon by each group; typically, they are Wednesdays during B & C advisory.

Faculty Moderators: Fr.Corey Krengiel, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Sr. Lucia Sol, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Mrs. Diane Meads, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister.

Catholic Discussion Club

Mission: The Catholic Discussion club aims to educate students about the Catholic through organized discussion with member suggested topics ranging from apologetics and theology to aspects of the liturgy and Catholic social teaching.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Every Thursday after school in E-16

Faculty Moderators: Ms. Christine Pinheiro

Student Leader: John Lawless

Chess Club

Mission: Give students an enjoyable pastime that sharpens the brain while still having fun.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times After school on Mondays in E-15 

Student Leaders: John Lawless

Faculty Moderators: Ms. Christine Pinheiro

Coding Club

Mission: Provide an opportunity to learn to code in an ever expanding world of technology.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: After school on Thursdays in W-43

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Peggy Sue Brown

Concert Choir

MissionConcert Choir is an academic course for credit, and all PND students who want to sing together and learn about music are welcome.

Membership: Concert Choir is open to all PND students who enroll for credit. Concert choir members are eligible to receive CSP hours for singing at all-school Masses.

Meeting Times: During Advisory in the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. After school in the music room on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Faculty Moderators: Mrs. Wendy Strauss

Creative Writing Club

Mission: The Creative Writing Club is a space where students who enjoy writing can share and workshop what they’ve written, growing as writers and participants in the creative process.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 7:20 am in E-04

Student Leader: Chelsea Sanchez, Co-President,
John Lawless, Co-President,

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Leah Daugherty

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Mission: To raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis and fundraise.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Wednesdays before school once per month in E-13

Student Leader: Chloe Fleeman

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Tyler Lyons

Drama Club

Mission: Drama Club’s mission is to enrich the education of high school students by involving them in the creative process of theater by bringing diverse young persons together in an environment of creative and imaginative stimuli where theater can be witnessed, experienced, ingested, talked about, and lived through opportunities to showcase their talents on and off the stage.

Membership: Drama Club is open to any student who has a desire to be involved in the process of theater. Students must work a minimum of 10 hours during each production to be considered a member.

Meeting Times: Meetings take place the first and third Wednesdays of every month prior to and after a show is being produced. During production, Drama Club members work on the show after school.

Student Leader: Leif Magner, president

Faculty Moderators: Ms. Annie Carroll

Earth Club

Mission: Peoria Notre Dame’s Earth Club is a service organization designed to promote environmental awareness and stewardship. It will promote a positive outlook on our future through education and through examples of our actions. It will promote living sustainably by sharing ideas and information. It will work with students, faculty, staff, and administration to promote sustainability and conservation on campus. Earth Club will abide by all high school rules and regulations, especially policies regarding sponsoring and/or participating in events on or off campus.

Membership: Open to all students who attend meetings regularly, commit to assisting in school wide recycling once a week, and pay $10 dues

Meeting Times:Full body meeting – 2nd Thursday of the month in W-46

Student Leaders: Caroline O’Donnell and Susan Gruszka 

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Jill Bucher and Ms. Maria Wnorowski 

Easter Seals Club 

Mission: To serve and raise money for the children of Easter Seals. Also, to raise awareness to others about the special needs of children with disabilities.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Every other week before school in E-06

Student Leaders: Kieran Higgins, Abby Schaumburg, Tessa Little, presidents

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Julie Santen

Film Club 

Mission: To watch, enjoy, and discuss films.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: On weekends

Student Leader: Leif Magner

Faculty Moderator: Mr. John Donnelly

FIRST Robotics

Mission: Icarus 2081 provides students with a level of knowledge, fun, and cooperation only obtainable through the FIRST Robotics program

Membership: Open to all students

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Geoffrey Girsch

FIRST Robotics Contact: Mr. Jarrett Corcoran

Meeting Times:

  • Regular Meeting Time: 7-9 Mondays and Thursdays
  • Build Season Meeting Time: Monday – Saturday 6-9


Flag Club

Mission: To increase patriotism by promoting knowledge of how to display, salute, and store the American Flag.

Membership: By appointment from the principal.

Meeting Times: Before and after school.

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Tim Speck

French Club

Mission: French club works to spread knowledge and appreciate of the French culture throughout the PND community.

Membership: Open to all students interested in promoting French culture

Meeting Times: Once per month with Mme Girsch dans les salle E-01

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Kara Girsch | Website


Mission: The club gets together to play frisbee golf and enjoy each other’s company.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Wednesdays and Fridays, Bradley Park

Student Leader: John Lawless, president

Faculty Moderator: Mr. John Donnelly and Mr. Tyler Lyons


Mission: To publish fiction and poetry by PND students, once per year.

MembershipSubmission of stories and poems, in the spring.

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Thomas Laird

Game Club

Mission: We will provide opportunity for fellowship among students as well as working on logic and strategy skills through various board games.

Membership: Open to all students.

Meeting Times: Fridays after school in W-32

Student Leader: Nathan Brose

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Tyler Lyons

German Club

Mission: German Club promotes German culture and language through food, games, movies, conversation, and more.

Membership: Open to all students.

Meeting Times: See Ms. Harrison

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Shelby Harrison

Irish Guard

Mission: Irish Guard is a color guard that performs with the PND marching band to enhance the music of the marching band performance.

Membership: Open to those who communicate with the Band Director, Ms. Amanda Connon

Meeting TimesPractice is held in the first school trimester, during advisory along with the band as they practice.

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Amanda Connon, Band Director

Key Club

Mission: Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Meeting Times: Tuesday mornings at 7:30, W-34, every week (rotation of board and all club)

Membership: Open to those who pay dues, complete a minimum of 20 service hours, attend every all- club meeting or send an email if they will not be in attendance

Student Leaders: Erin Ward, president

Moderators: Ms. Toniny, Kiwanis Advisor, Ms. Amanda Williams, PND Advisor

Latin Club

Membership: Members must be current, former, or future Latin students.

Meeting Times: TBD

Student Leaders: 

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Christine Pinheiro

Lumen Christi 

Mission: Lumen Christi is a group committed to illuminating our school with the Light of Christ: the only Light that brings true light, peace, beauty, love and goodness. Those who are part of Lumen Christi commit themselves to first receiving the Light of Christ through prayer, Confession and especially the Eucharist. Thereby, they then become carriers and givers of this Light: authentic Christian witnesses – Bright Lights of Christ – that shine in this school, transforming the lives of those around them with their light.

Membership: Members must fill out & turn in application to Campus Ministry.

Meeting TimesLumen Christi Large-Group Meetings (required for all members to attend): about once a month in the auditorium during A/B advisory; Lumen Christi Core Team meetings (required for all Core Team members): about once a month in Campus Ministry during A/B advisory

Faculty Moderators: Fr.Corey Krengiel, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Sr. Lucia Sol, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Mrs. Diane Meads, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister.

National Honor Society

MissionRecognize excellence in students.

Student LeadersPresident appointed in February.

Faculty Moderators: Mr. Tim Irwin

MembershipJunior/Senior, Requirements for membership are published at the beginning of the application period in early January.

Newspaper Club

Mission: The club seeks to inform the school about all the activities taking place.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times:

Student Leaders: Maddi Cave, co-editor
John Frederickson,

Faculty Moderators: Mr. John Donnelly

Membership: Open to anyone

Politics Club

Mission: The PND Politics Club strives to educate, involve and interact PND students with politics currently happening in the United States. We value an unbiased community that aims to identify issues within our society and debate ways to fix them.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: Every other Tuesday at 7:15 in the auditorium

Student Leaders:  William Emerson, president

Faculty Moderators: Ms. Annie Carroll and Mr. John Cummings


Mission: The purpose of the club is to play the game Dungeons and Dragons, which will develop the member’s creative skills.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: TBD

Student Leaders:  Joseph Piccione

Faculty Moderators: Mr. Kevin Ashbrook

Scattered! Vocal Jazz and Chamber Ensemble

Mission: Scattered! gives more skilled singers/musicians an opportunity to learn about vocal jazz and other genres of vocal music, to perform in public venues, and form lasting friendships through music.

MembershipScattered! is an extension of Concert Choir, but its members must be selected by audition. All members must also be in Concert Choir.

Meeting Times: Scattered! meets during Advisory on Mondays and Wednesdays, opposite Concert Choir days. The ensemble also meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Student Leaders: Mason Varwig, Choir Manager

Faculty Moderators: Mrs. Wendy Strauss

Science Olympiad

Mission: Science Olympiad is committed to developing hands-on, standards-aligned STEM content with industry and education partners; providing volunteers and mentors a platform to share subject-matter expertise in relevant STEM topic areas; creating opportunities for student teamwork, problem solving and collaboration; recognizing outstanding achievement by students and teachers; encouraging male, female and minority students to enroll in STEM courses; and building a strong STEM workforce.

Meeting Times: Weekly after school in W-46

Membership: Open to all students. $25 dues.

Moderators: Mrs. Jill Bucher

Spanish Club

Mission: Our mission is to spread Spanish language and culture at PND, and to expand our speaking skills!

Membership: Open to all PND students

Meeting Times: Once a month on Wednesday mornings, and on some Spanish holidays.

Faculty Moderator: Mr. Callow and Miss Almeida

Speech Team

Mission: Events range from writing your own speech to presenting a published script ranging from funny to heartbreaking material.

Membership: Membership open to students interested in speaking

Meeting TimesThursday mornings before school.

Faculty Moderator: TBD

St. Jude Club

Mission: The Peoria Notre Dame St. Jude Club supports the St. Jude ALSAC mission statement. As the Peoria Notre Dame Community has seen first-hand the effects of childhood cancer, the St. Jude Club’s sole mission is to raise funds and awareness for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by hosting a multitude of small and large fundraising events throughout the year, setting high expectations for club members and officers, and uniting the whole Peoria Notre Dame community in a common cause.

Membership: Open to all students.

Meeting Times: Friday mornings in the auditorium

Faculty Moderators: Ms. Jill PlunkettMr. Mike Plunkett, and Mrs. Valerie Schifeling

Student Leader:

Student Ambassadors

Mission: Student Ambassadors is an organization of students who individually and collectively represent the values of Peoria Notre Dame High School with passion and enthusiasm. Together, we welcome and support past, present, and future members of the Peoria Notre Dame community in order to continue the tradition of Catholic secondary education in Peoria.

Membership: By appointment. Interviews take place in the spring of each year.

Meeting Times: 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7:15 am in the auditorum

Student Leaders: William Emerson, President

Faculty Moderators: Mrs. Katie Madison and Mrs. Peggy Sue Brown 

Teens for Life

Mission: Teens for Life educates students about pro-life issues and the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death, and encourages students to live in a way that is authentically pro-life through personal prayer, community service, and participation in local and national pro-life events.

Membership: Open to all students interested in pro-life and chastity education. Members must complete & submit application to Campus Ministry.

Meeting TimesMeeting are on Wednesday (1st and 3rd) mornings at 7:15 am in the auditorium.

Faculty Moderators:Fr.Corey Krengiel, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Sr. Lucia Sol, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister, Mrs. Diane Meads, Theology Teacher & Campus Minister.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Mission: The Tri-M® Music Honor Society is an international honor society through the National Association for Music Education. Tri-M is for middle/junior-high and high school students. This organization recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements, rewards them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to excel at music and leadership.

Membership: Application process in January. Students must have completed one trimester of study at PND, be enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble (class) for at least one trimester, 3.3 minimum GPA, 10 hour minimum towards CSP, be a member of at least 2 school-affiliated organizations or sports.

Meeting Times: Once per month

Faculty Moderators: Amanda Connon and Wendy Strauss

Yarn Club

Mission: The Yarn Club brings together students in fellowship and friendship to create projects that bring God’s love to those who the Yarn Club wants to know the youth of PND are thinking of them.

Membership: Open to those student who have a  love for all things yarn. (No prior knitting experience required.)

Meeting TimesThursdays after school at 3:15 in W-43

Faculty Moderators: Mrs. Peggy Sue Brown 

Student Leader: Chelsea Guingrich, president


MissionYearbook club continues the “Irish Odyssey” tradition by using graphics, pictures, and stories to show how the Peoria Notre Dame community lives out the school’s mission statement.

Membership: Open to all students

Meeting Times: The large group meets on select Fridays during C advisory and other days as necessary

Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Denise Zoz andMrs. Rebecca Goodell