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Annie Carroll

Director of Admissions

(309) 691-8741

Thank you for your interest in Peoria Notre Dame High School. You are embarking on making the important decision of which high school is the best match for your family. The choice that you make will have a lasting effect, as the high school years are critical in the academic, social, and emotional development of your student along with their personal spiritual growth.

Peoria Notre Dame High School is a welcoming, academically excellent high school that inspires and prepares students for college and for successful lives. Our faith based education and co-curricular activities develop the whole person – body, mind, and soul. 

We have an established history of over 150 years of successfully preparing the leaders and good citizens of tomorrow – each one knowing that there is a higher purpose for us all. Our students are taught to value rules, show consideration for one another, and behave as responsible adults.

We embrace Catholic values and principles, respect all religions and provide a safe and consistent learning environment that eliminates distractions and appreciates the student as an individual. With our strong faith based academic curriculum and wide variety of co-curricular activities and athletic programs, PNDHS is able to provide the opportunity for the highest potential of development for each of our students.

I will be happy to meet with you personally and answer any questions you may have concerning PNDHS. Please contact me today and let’s explore Peoria Notre Dame High School!

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