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Statistics and Probability

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11, 12

The course provides an introduction to statistics from both an applied and theoretical point of view. Instruction focuses on the applied viewpoint with most calculations done on a calculator. Specific emphasis is given to the collection and representation of data from experimental and survey settings. Students are expected to study the basics of counting and probability and to practice problem-solving strategies that consider the major application of both statistical and probability theories. Students are required to have and know how to use a statistical or scientific calculator having statistical functions. A calculator in the TI 84 family of calculators is required.


Students must concurrently enroll in this course with Illinois Central College (ICC) for credit in MATH 111. Students must have an ACT reading score of 18 or higher and a math ACT score of 22 or higher to qualify. Students may also qualify by taking the ICC Accuplacer Reading and Math test by May 1st.Students must be officially enrolled and pay the $150.00 dual credit tuition fee to PND through FACTS. Students must complete an online application with ICC. Students must provide their counselor with Accuplacer reading and math test results or ACT reading and math score test results. Students must transfer dual credit from ICC by sending an ICC transcript to their college of choice when students are enrolling in another university or college. Dual credit is not indicated on a Peoria Notre Dame Transcript.


Completion of 245 Algebra II or 250 Algebra II/Trig (H). An academic course review will be conducted to determine student’s academic placement. Course satisfies a requirement for graduation.