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Driver Education Information

*Parents please look through this document before you go to the DMV for a permit or drivers license. Important information about PND driver education

*Driver’s Education Course Completion Check – please click the below link to make sure your child is approved for a drivers license. *CLICK HERE A WEEK BEFORE YOU GO TO THE DMV FOR YOUR CHILD’S DRIVER’S LICENSE

Instruction Permit Requirements – *Click here for important information regarding your child’s white slip or learners permit

Instruction Permit – Original $20
*If you receive your license prior to the expiration of your instruction permit, you may not need to pay an additional fee. (cash or check)
*you will take an eye test when you go and get your permit
*bring official birth certificate and social security card

Driver’s License/State ID Card Driver Services
*Click here for many of your driver education questions and concerns

Driver Education Driver Services
*Click here for questions specifically about driver education services

Cooperative Driver Testing Program
*Click here for questions and quick links about Cooperative Driver Testing Program or “CDTP”

*Illinois Rules of the road book used in PND Classroom

*Going to get your license info:
I would make sure you have your birth certificate and social security card.
Also, make sure your parents have their license on them, and if you want the real id for traveling bring something with your address on it and have your parents paycheck stub within the last month. Also, bring your cooperative driving certificate if you earned one so you don’t have to take the driving test. If you don’t want the real id then just bring the birth certificate and the social security card. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON REAL I.D’S)

Make sure you remember how to do the alley procedure (backing straight out of the alley and into your correct lane), park parallel to a curb, light intersections where you must yield, turning into your closest lane, proper lane changes, up and downhill parking in case you get spot checked by the DMV (spot checking happens only 3 days out of the month where you must take the driving test regardless of the fact that you have earned your cooperative driving training certificate from your classroom and behind the wheel grade), lane changes, one way streets, using your turn signals appropriately, stopping behind all crosswalks, imaginary stop sign lines if there are none present, and stop sign lines. Relax and be confident and remember how you were taught to drive and you will be fine. I would take the car you have practiced the most in when you go just in case. Make sure you have all car insurance and registration documents in the glove box and all parts of your car are in proper working order.

The Department may spot-check a sample of the exempted driver population. The Field Services Bureau of the Department shall choose the sample to be tested based on the applicant’s birthday. Three calendar days per month shall be designated for the testing, and an applicant whose birthday is on one of the selected days shall be required to successfully complete a facility-administered drive test. The selected dates shall be altered every three months.