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Cindy Dermody

Director of Advancement

Favorite Quote: “Onward and upward”- My brother would tell me this as I was going through chemotherapy. He would remind me that it was not worth it to dwell on the past or present but rather keep looking to the future.


Mrs. Dermody grew up in Milwaukee, WI and PND is grateful for her innovative and dedicated service to the school, and Mrs. Dermody says that she is happy to be surrounded by faculty and staff who care about each other and who really have the mission of PND in their heart. She loves working in a faith-based environment and was excited to return to her daughter’s alma mater. Having worked in sales/development for her entire career, Mrs. Dermody reports that her goal is now to do all that she can to make sure that more students can experience all the PND has to offer. This goal is made especially possible by the opportunities to pray during the workday, and she has grown in her prayer life as a result of her working here. Outside of school, Mrs. Dermody enjoys traveling, cooking, and doing volunteer work. In fact, she was named Volunteer of the Year in the State of Wisconsin from the WI Hospital Assn. The same year, she was awarded the Governor’s Award for Service among teens.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin

About Mrs. Dermody

  • Employed at PND in 2019