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Student FAQs

Christian Service Program (CSP)

find places to volunteer for CSP hours?

Different service projects are emailed to students throughout the year; however, reaching out to
local grade school, home parish or church, as well as googling “Peoria volunteer opportunities” are great first steps for the student to take to find options. Many of our students volunteer through a variety of organizations including Sophia’s Kitchen, Midwest Food Bank, and the Peoria Park District. If you are unable to find service opportunities after taking these steps, please reach out to our CSP coordinator at or to a counselor or teacher.

submit CSP hours?

There are a few steps to register a project and submit your hours. Form A – PreRegistration (online form) is the form to fill out for approval of the project. This form outlines the dates expected, number of hours expected, and requires the signature of the student, parent/guardian, and project coordinator. The student will also link the project to one of the Corporal or Spiritual Works of Mercy. Every project also requires Form C – PostReflection) blue form). The student will reflect upon the service project and also write the number of hours they completed. If the project is specifically an athletics project (such as a PND camp counselor), then the student will fill out Form B – Athletics (purple form). If the project is specifically a parish or church affiliated project, the student will fill out Form B1 Parish/Church (pink form). Forms are available and turned in under the CSP bulletin board on East side, across from the auditorium and next to the mailroom.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact our CSP coordinator at

see how many CSP hours I currently have?

Email CSP coordinator at By the end of November 2023, students and parents will have access to see CSP hours in FACTS under the tab marked “Service Hours.”

Courses & Transcripts

waive final exams?

Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) can waive a second half of a course final exam or project if they have an A- in the class. Teachers will verify grades to approve waivers. One trimester courses cannot be waived. In the 3rd trimester, a senior student can waive a final for any course if they meet the A- expectation.

request a transcript?

Please fill out a request on Parchment via your personal registration code on .
If you do not have access to Parchment, please fill out a transcript on this Google Form.

register for classes?

Sophomores-seniors will meet with their academic counselor beginning in October for the upcoming academic year. The counselors will host an advisory assembly to review the course selection process with each grade level. All students will receive a course selection survey where they will list their academic preferences prior to their individualized appointment. Additionally, parents/guardians will receive a confirmation of the student’s course selections via email. Families can make changes on the initial course selection sheet until January 31st.

request a course change?

Fill out the Google Form linked here to request a course change. To initiate a schedule change, students should meet with their counselor no later than 5 days before the start of the semester.
Schedule changes can occur only under specific circumstances. Please see the curriculum guide for more information.

what courses I can register for?

Check out the Curriculum Guide here or you can find it on the Academic tab. Students will receive course selection updates and reminders each year from their Counselor prior to individual registration meetings. Course selection guidance is also included on the course selection form in FACTS.

Tech Office

Get help from the Tech Office?

Fill out a Help Desk ticket online here. If the IT office needs to see your laptop in person, then they will have you come visit their office, which is located in Alumni Hall!