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AP Chemistry (H)

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11, 12
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AP Chemistry is the equivalent of a 1st year college general chemistry course, and should be taken after Chemistry I or Chemistry I (H). Students selecting this course are expected to have high levels of commitment, motivation, academic maturity, and perseverance. This course provides a rigorous and fast paced exploration of the four “Big Ideas”: scale, proportion, and quantity; structure and properties of substances; transformations; and energy. In addition to deepening their knowledge from Chemistry I or Chemistry I (H), the students explore titration, oxidation-reduction process, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry and mathematical applications. Students are expected to apply unit analysis and problem solving techniques in the completion of their individual and collaborative assignments/projects and laboratory experiments. They should be willing to complete weekly labs, spend time studying and working problems daily, and write extensively about their learning.


A grade of A- or higher in 350 Chemistry I or a grade of C+ or higher in 355 Chemistry I (H) and a grade of A- or higher in 245 Algebra II or a grade of C+ or higher in 250 Algebra II/Trig (H).