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Zero Hours Driver Education

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Classroom Driver Education is the first phase of Driver Safety Education.  Driver Education enrollment is determined by age.  Students must meet attendance requirements and successfully complete the classroom phase to be eligible for the Behind-the-Wheel phase.  

Behind-the-Wheel training is available to students who have successfully completed the classroom phase of Driver Education.  Students living within the Peoria Public School District 150 must complete both phases of Driver Education at Peoria Notre Dame or at a commercial school. All other students may take the Behind-the-Wheel phase of Driver Education at Peoria Notre Dame, or at the student’s home public school district, or at state approved commercial driving schools during the school year or during summer school.  

Behind-the-Wheel instruction at Peoria Notre Dame is offered on a quarterly basis during the school year and during summer school.  Students are scheduled for Behind-the-Wheel according to age.  No Behind-the-Wheel instruction is given during the school day; times for such instruction are before or after school, or on Saturdays.

Behind-the-Wheel instruction is controlled and conducted by Peoria Public School District 150.  Peoria Public School District 150 sets the fee for the Behind-the-Wheel phase of instruction.  Students wishing to take either classroom or Behind-the-Wheel, or both phases, at a public school district other than District 150, are responsible to contact the Driver Education instructor at their home public school.




Any students enrolled in Driver Education, per Section 17-24.2 of the Illinois School Code, must be at least 15 years of age, enrolled in high school & receive a passing grade in at least eight classes during the previous two trimesters prior to enrolling in a driver education course. If a student is a freshman and is 15 years of age, a school may count passing grades from the last semester of the student’s 8th grade.

A student may be allowed to commence the classroom instruction prior to reaching age 15 as long as the student will be eligible to complete the entire course within 12 months.

Zero Hour Driver’s Ed is only available to students who enroll in 250 Algebra II/Trigonometry and AP Capstone and students who enroll in 211 Algebra I and 105 Introduction to Literature. Zero Hour Driver’s Ed is only scheduled for Fall.