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PND alumni, Abbi Socha

Abbi Socha (PND ’21) had the opportunity to complete her community clinical abroad with The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing. For this experience, students spent a little over a week in Mwangoi, a small village in the town of Lushoto, which is a rural town in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania, Africa. They partnered up with nursing students from Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) who were also completing their community clinical in Lushoto. During their time in the community, she visited two primary schools and a secondary school to assess the school grounds/facilities and gather information about nutrition, safety, education, day-to-day activities, accessibility, health services, and success of the students. Later in the week, she returned to the secondary school to complete health assessments on the students. After that, they spent some time coming up with interventions that would be the most impactful on improving the students’ health for the schools to implement in the future. At the end of the trip, they traveled down to Dar es Salaam and toured HKMU’s campus and hospital to learn more about the similarities and differences in nursing education and healthcare in another country! It was an amazing and rewarding experience for Abbi and the other nursing students involved.