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John was chosen for January Student of the Month because of the “energy, positivity, and leadership” he brings not only to his in-person and online classes, but also to the many clubs and sports he is involved and very successful in. First, John is extremely...
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Empower Illinois is a Tax Credit Scholarship for K-12 students that will cover up to 100% of private school tuition up to a maximum of the average Illinois cost to educate, which is roughly $13,000. Students with unique learning needs, including those who are gifted,...
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Ellen Tomlins was selected as Student of the Month for her “positive attitude,” eagerness to learn, and constant desire to challenge herself and others. Over the course of her two and a half years at Notre Dame, Ellen has devoted herself to a wide variety...
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The biannual alumni newsletter has changed names from “The Alumnus” to “The Irish Lens.” Click here to view the publication online in this visually exciting new format!
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Peoria Notre Dame High School and the Simmons family announce the Randy Simmons Tuition Assistance Scholarship. The award will be given to one 8th grade student for use each year, freshman-senior years, while attending Peoria Notre Dame High School. The Randy Simmons Tuition Assistance Scholarship,...
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John Finch Selected as January Student of the Month
January 12, 2021
Empower Illinois: You could get a 100% scholarship to PND
January 12, 2021
Ellen Tomlins Selected as December Student of the Month
December 17, 2020