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Caterpillar Foundation – 2 for 1 Match!

If you are a Caterpillar employee or retiree, your donation could be tripled! Donate up to $500 to Peoria Notre Dame now through December 1, and the Caterpillar Foundation will provide a 2 for 1 match on your donation! For example, if you give $500, PND will receive $1,000 more dollars from the Caterpillar Foundation for a total of $1,500!
Even if you have already reached the annual match cap of $10,000 for 2023, Caterpillar will still match another $500 gift during the 2:1 match time period. But Caterpillar 2:1 match funds are limited to a total of $2 million, so donate now to ensure your contribution is tripled! Make your donation at