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Congrats seniors who were celebrated at our Honors Assembly

Special congratulations to awardees selected by the 2024 senior class:
“Tim Speck Man & Woman of the Year” – Jill Sander and Danny Miller
“Mr. & Miss Congeniality” – Will Goldammer and Sophia Barzallo
“Most Likely to Succeed” – Ella Coulter and Andrew Elward (not pictured as he is at State Track!)
Congratulations to awardees of memorial awards and leadership recognition! These awards include:
Beth Hopwood Award – Elizabeth Dries
Kelly Needham/Michael McLaughlin Award – Michael McLaughlin
Quiet Leader Award – Will Goldammer
Robert J Cleary Award – Dominic Kouri
Maggie Bertram Award (Art) – Aylin Nava
Maggie Bertram Award (Music) – Ellie King