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Gym Renovation Project

Be part of Peoria Notre Dame’s NEW gym renovation project, our NEW foundation.

Our Past, Our Present, Our Future, Our NEW Foundation

With your support, the Peoria Notre Dame High School gymnasium will undergo a major renovation this summer featuring a redesigned gym floor. Based on the funds raised, one of the three levels detailed below will be completed.

Scroll down to learn more about the levels and how you can contribute to our NEW foundation!

Project Level 1

$20,000: Sand the existing floor, seal coat it, and add our current logo, crest, and lines on the floor.

Project Level 2

$30,000: Level 1 plus new rubber flooring in the girls’ locker room area hallway, stairs, and lower landing.

Only the girls’ side needs to be done as the boys’ side has already been completed.

Project Level 3

$40,000: Level 1 and Level 2 plus new cushioned mats for the walls in the gym.

Redesigned Gym Floor Rendering

How to Give

Give online using the “DONATE” button below.


Mail a check payable to Peoria Notre Dame and add “Advancement Dept” on the envelope and “Gym” on the memo line.

Contact Cindy Dermody, Director of Advancement, with any questions.
office: 309-691-8741
cell: 309-303-5804