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Honors Day awards recipients

Peoria Notre Dame was proud to hold the annual Honors Day today to award seniors for their accomplishments throughout their four years of high school. During the ceremony, each department imparted an award to one student. They include:
Fine Art – Maddie Mazzola
Graphic Art -Bella Vitale
Business – Jeffrey Sary
Computer – Jacob Johnson
Drama Performance – Edward Couri
Drama Technical – Bella Vitale
English – Elizabeth Sherman
Mathematics – Edward Couri
Music – John Philip Sousa: Brett Heberer
National Choral Award – Hayden Raboza
Science – Eileen Zopel
Social Sciences – Tylor Evans
Theology – Mariel Kottoor
French – Jeremiah Flores
German – Michael Carson
Latin – Elizabeth Hanley
Spanish – Christen Fuentes
Robert J Cleary Award – Isabel Smith
The Kelly Needham/Michael McLaughlin Award – Elizabeth Hanley
Beth Hopwood Award – Janie Jockisch
Maggie Bertram Foundation for Fine Arts Awards – Hank Hamilton and Maddie MacGregor
In addition, several special awards were bestowed upon students who have shown outstanding leadership. These include the Quiet Leader Award presented to Elizabeth Hanley and recognition for Annie Czirjack and Felicity Olson for as editors of the 2022/2023 Irish Odyssey.
And a very special recognition for Aiden Lemons who received a 4 year scholarship to the Air Force Academy.
Congratulations to these and all the seniors on a successful 4 years!
Congratulations to these accomplished seniors!