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Sr Catherine Thomas Brennan OP

Theology Teacher

Favorite Quote: “Veritas” – Motto of the Order of Preachers


Sr. Catherine Thomas Brennan is from Houston, TX and is entering her fifth year at PND, where she loves the sense of community and collegiality. Sr. Catherine Thomas went into education because she has always loved learning and admired those men and women who were able to impart to young people their love of truth, beauty, and goodness. When she was a high school student, Sr. Catherine Thomas was about as uninterested in theology class as it is possible to be. She says that in every theology class she has ever taught, her students have manifested a desire to know and follow the Lord which both humbles and inspires her. Each new class is a reminder of how powerful the love of God is, and how He moves hearts to seek Him, especially the hearts of the young. Some of Sr. Catherine Thomas’s  favorite activities are making music, cooking, reading, playing tennis, and having long conversations. Fun fact: Sr. Catherine Thomas is an only child, and now she has MANY sisters!


  • MA Secondary Education Social Studies, The Catholic University of America
  • MA Theology, Ave Maria University
  • Honors BA History, Saint Louis University
  • Honors BA Philosophy, Saint Louis University

About Sr. Catherine Thomas

  • Started Employment at PND in 2016
  • Started Teaching in 2015