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Spotlight on PND ‘18 graduate Ellie Manning

Spotlight on PND ‘18 graduate Ellie Manning. Ellie attended Marquette University and graduated in May of 2022 with a degree in biology.
During her time at PND, Ellie was involved in cross country, Spanish Club, Teens for Life, Lumen Christi, and St. Jude Club. Her favorite class was Mrs. Svoboda’s British Literature class because “I just loved how knowledgeable Mrs. Svoboda was and how much she wanted us to learn. It was clear she really cared about teaching us.”
Ellie’s favorite PND tradition was the house system. “The houses are something so unique to PND. It was a great way to meet people from different schools and grade levels. It was so fun to represent Rice House, and it was a great way to build relationships with other students and teachers.”
Ellie said PND teachers helped prepare her for college by making sure she didn’t just do the work but that she really understood it. She said faculty gave recommendations on how to get more out of their classes, especially when preparing to transition from high school to college.
Most importantly, Ellie said PND helped form her in her faith which she has carried through college. “Notre Dame gave me the first sense of independence when it came to my faith. The school opened early for Mass, and I wasn’t forced to go. But I made that independent choice which naturally transitioned into college when it was up to me to visit the sacraments without anyone telling me to.”
Currently, Ellie is pursuing a masters degree in biomedical sciences and applying to dental schools for next fall. We are proud of you Ellie!!